1. Whiskey

From the recording Whiskey (Single)

Notes about 'Whiskey':
I forget the name of the movie, but when I was a kid, I saw a cowboy movie where the bad guy carried a Bible . It contained a hollow spot inside that was carved out - where he kept his gun. I sort of lifted that idea and wrote about someone toting whiskey inside their Bible instead. I know that there have been times in my life that I was so low, I thought maybe God himself couldn't even hear me. 
This is one of those songs that I think we have all lived through at one point in our lives....or will. 
No matter how much you try to forget something, someone, or both - sometimes your sadness gets the best of you. 
I tried several different verses until everything just kind of fell into place at the last minute right before tracking the vocals.
Our friend Matt Hooper adds great violin parts to this tune.
We're very proud of it! 
- Bill

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