From the recording If the Creek Don't Rise

Notes about 'If the Creek Don't Rise':
I was impressed with Dylan Leblanc's original song and decided to cover it. He is an up and coming singer songwriter whose dad was a musician who worked at Muscle Shoals. The mirror in the photo belonged to a girl who I loved dearly. We were in the process of moving in with one another and discussing long term plans such as marriage. It's a long story, but I discovered she was cheating on me. This mirror was in her apartment, on her bedroom wall, and it knew the truth even when I didn't. She had left it behind with me when she left, and I decided to include it in the photo shoot for the single album cover. I laid it down in the snow for a few pictures then promptly donated it to a local thrift store. It may not make sense to you, but I had to get it out of my house. The picture turned out interesting, the recording session went smoothly, and thankfully, I don't hear from her anymore.

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